The Hard Work

One of the issues I have with the health and wellness industry is the misleading idea that there’s a quick fix to reclaiming your health. Whether it’s your weight or your nutritional intake or even your mindset – the industry claims *just* take this pill or this drink or do this quick diet. Or the idea that you can still eat junk but do it in moderation. Both of these notions are untrue for the majority of people. Why? Because it actually takes hard work, dedication and the desire to actually change things to reclaim your health. There is no one pill, drink, quick diet that will give you long lasting healthy results. And the whole in moderation idea – most people can’t do this. Why? Well the food industry is really good at reinforcing why you SHOULD eat their food to start with. And those messages, often subliminal, are reinforced regularly. And it takes hard work to not cave into old habits that might taste so good but don’t do our body or minds any good.

So often clients want to lose weight fast. And I get it. Whether you gained it from being in a slump or never learning that you deserve to feel healthy or from an underlying disease – regaining your health takes time and is hard work.

Maybe it’s discovering what the right foods are for your body. Maybe it’s committing to moving more. Or maybe it’s fighting off the daily (or hourly) demons that try to derail your efforts. It all takes hard work. It doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect but it does mean that you’ll start to understand your self worth. And that when you get derailed you pull it together to get on board every.single.time. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

You deserve to feel confident and strong. You deserve to reclaim your version of health – physically and mentally. But it takes hard work. You didn’t get here overnight and you won’t get out of it overnight.

Because of my autoimmune disease I struggle regularly. I get it. Sometimes I just want to not care, throw it all away. But I’ve learned, through trail and error, the hard work is more worth it. I’m worth it.


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