Transformation is a heavy word. It conjures up ideas of BIG things, BIG changes. It’s what I’ve been talking about in my yoga classes over the past month. I think we often get caught up in focusing on these big lofty goals that we think will be the transformation we’ve been waiting for. You know, THE ONE BIG THING THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Think about your goals right now. If I get X job I’ll be happier. If I look like X I’ll be more willing to go try something new. If I could just find someone that loves me I’ll be able to do X. Whatever it is, we often end up sitting around waiting for it to miraculously happen. And then when it doesn’t we get stagnant and disappointed and we let the perceived failure stop us from progressing.

But here’s the thing. Change is inevitable. The seasons change, we grow older, etc. But transformation takes time and effort. You can’t just set these lofty goals and expect them to happen. The transformation is about the process, the work, the pauses, the starts and fits. Those lofty goals rarely actually serve us. They tend to be based on judgements and assumptions about what we think we need. It’s not that you can’t or shouldn’t set goals. Of course you can and should. But almost always those goals change and evolve. So it’s more about learning to be flexible with these changes and allowing the space you need to move and grow with them. Because in the space between the goals, really allowing  the space to exist, is where we find the transformation. So don’t just sit around waiting for the one big thing you think needs to happen. Put in the work on creating space for what needs to happen.

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