I bet most of us can relate to the feeling that we think we deserve some sort of treat for accomplishing something. After all, marketing tells us this all day every day. THEY say we deserve certain luxuries, adventures and foods. Unfortunately, if we’re being honest, none of these things actually bring us what they promise, long term happiness, health or love. In fact we often feel disappointed in our decisions. And instead of the occasional treat after a big event we are rewarding ourselves for regular daily tasks like waking up in the morning. And, I get that for some people that is a big deal but for most of us it’s not.

I’m not against treating yourself occasionally but what I want to do is change the treat or rather change the conversation to deserving health. YOU DESERVE HEALTH. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL HEALTHY AND STRONG. Most of the things we are told we deserve don’t contribute to us feeling healthy and strong. Changing this mindset is one of the most difficult obstacles I see with clients. They are super reluctant to giveĀ  up their sugary treats or after work cocktails. And while there might be a place for these things sometimes, most of them don’t stop at one and that’s when we get into trouble. That’s what can turn our bodies into inflammation creating machines. What I try to explain to them (and remember myself) is that however weak you feel and tempting your treat may seem at the end of the day you always feel better that you didn’t consume it the next morning. You never regret saying no thanks. You always feel stronger the next day in both body and mind.

Before your next tough day make a list of things you can treat yourself with and ask the question will these things make me feel healthy and strong? Do they contribute to my overall health? This way when you do have a rough day you already have a pre-approved list of healthy treats to pick from. #nutrientdenseliving

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